maybe Will collects dogs to fill the void of being unable to communicate with people Or Maybe Will is a Furry. (gotta laugh) [Please follow for more gotta laugh Hannibal jokes}

im also going to my therapist tomorrow and you know what? he’s not fuckin Dr. Lecter, So Fcuk that Man

i want to watch more Hannibal but I got school at 9am tomorrow and fuck school i wanna watch hannibal

i finished season one of Hannibal today and my main question is ” why does will got so many dogs wtf did i miss something?” 

hi hun, please stay safe, you're strong enough to fight those urges and there are plenty of people who would miss you. Try to distract yourself by watching your favorite shows, or if you want to talk to someone about it you can try crisischat. I can't do much myself but I hope it helps to know that I'm cheering for you, this is something i went through personally and I know how difficult it is, but I know you can do it

i really want to feel good about myself but i see no reason i should. thank you for the support but i dont feel im worth saving. thank you for caring 


i couldn’t make this up even if i tried


i couldn’t make this up even if i tried


This is the best one


the year is 2046. no one has memed in 15 years since king obama the third make memeing illegal. in the dystopian suburbs of fort lauderdale, sixteen year-old Dogecoin de Grasse Sagan found a sexy fedora in an trash dumpster. he put it on and it made a sweet anime noise. he knew then he, was destined to bring memes back to this stupid idiot planet. he looked at the camera and goes “u mad, world?”

a great night to straight up kill myself (or at least dream about not being alive)

looking for some one to watch foreign and obscure films with. im so lonely  




Imagine this: You’re sitting in your animation history class. Your professor says that your classmate who sits two empty seats away from you is going to show his animation. Joy!

Then, projected ten feet tall in glorious HD, is an autobiographical piece about his life problems and his manic pixie dream girl purple skunk girlfriend. Complete with fade to black sex. And masturbation scene.

Imagine that and you will know a fraction of my pain.

holy piss

This is the link

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